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Visiting the Kanthaus !!!


In the month of November Faust spent some weeks sharing the space of one of the projects of the collective Yunity. Yunity.org is a large network of ecological initiatives and movements in Germany and other neighboring countries, which started with the idea of expanding the idea of Foodsharing into a much more complete platform of collaborative economics. In this House-Project we live the philosophy "reduce waste, promote sharing". Here there are many simultaneous activities, which include Repair-Cafes (for example in textiles, electronics, bicycles, etc), Foodsharing (place of public distribution of rescued food, weekly brunch, programming of online platforms, Foodsharing Academy, Foodsaving Worldwide, etc), event planning and festivals, renovation of the house, concepts of alternative mobility, among others.

During the visit to Kanthaus, the first meeting was held to plan the next MOVE UTOPIA Festival, which will have its second gathering in the summer of 2019. This meeting will serve as a reference for the organization of a similar meeting in Ecuador (Conexión Utopia).  

In the meantime, the winter continues and life becomes a little more sedentary thanks to the collaboration of people and citizen initiatives.

See you soon with a new report on Foodsaving at a Winter Festival: Tollwood.

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