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In the month of December 2018 Faust was again in the city of Munich, participating in food rescue activities in a Sustainability Festival that takes place twice a year, in summer and winter. The Foodsharing community has had a food rescue cooperation for some years, and especially the winter pick-ups become less attractive for some foodsavers, since it is a long night, from 11pm to maybe 1am, enduring the harsh winter cold.

For this activity some foodsavers are gathered beforehand to distribute the routes, the containers, to make several teams, and to advance with the recollection. Basic tools for these activities are the Free Cargo Bikes of the city, which allow to complement the life free of money and to be able to transport without problem the great quantities of food already prepared that give the different food stands, and that must be distributed and consumed as soon as possible. In this way, food is distributed among all the participants in a kind of family meeting, preferences are shown in matters of veganism and at the end, everything that remains is put on the cargo bike so that Faust can distribute it the following day.

This activity takes place every night throughout the month, ending with the big Christmas collection, with which a large charity event is organised by some other active members of the foodsharing community.

The next season is the great farewell and end of the European episode of this journey...

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