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The farewell

The day of Faust's return trip to South America is approaching, and this will be the occasion to organize a great farewell party in the best foodsaving style. For this purpose, the activist gastronomy group M3Kitchen joined forces with one of its already successful events: Restaurant Day. As always a motto was sought for the event and in this case the culinary inspirations were dedicated to Latin America and Spain, all with variations and vegan improvisations of some known or not so known dishes.

For all this there were some food collections in different locations of the city.

The day of the party was quite welcome, a lot of emotion for the farewell, some live music with Ronny and some friends of Faust in acoustic versions of Latin songs. In addition the event was proposed to receive donations towards a solidarity project with Uganda, which was the inspiration of Suule some years ago when she traveled around the continent and wanted to support them from Munich with a solidarity and sustainable event.

After this great action, Faust gets into Mary's car, heads to the airport and embarks on the adventure of visiting Ecuador with a mission...

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