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A hunter-gatherer

in modern times

The Faust's journey living free of money.

Alexis Garcia

The project

Faust Teaser

Faust Teaser

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Fausto is a young architect, restless, analytical, and dissatisfied with the society in which he had to be born and live. One day, Fausto decides to change his life of consumption and loan-work, to embark on a personal journey where he will learn to live free of money. In the film, we will see the successes and difficulties that Faust will experience in this transition. On his way, Faust will find teachers and resources available to achieve his goal. The objective of the documentary will be to illustrate the viewer on topics such as rescued food, alternative mobility, shared housing and inclusive entertainment.

technical sheet

Film title: Faust, a hunter-gatherer in modern times

Genre: Documentary Feature Film

Production Companies: Chirimoya Films, Ouishare

Director: Alexandra Yepes

Country: Colombia, Germany (Bavaria)

Language: Spanish, English, German    

Length: 80 Min                                  

Shooting format: Digital 4K

Final format: Digital 4K

Project Cost:

Shooting date: Second semester 2018

Premiere: 2020

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In addition to having alternative economies as its main theme, the documentary also seeks to be produced under a model called "Collaborative Digital Cinema". This model is just a draft of a master's thesis, which seeks with this project to start developing the prototype.

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