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Actualizado: 20 nov 2018

In the first stage of fieldwork, there have been some changes in Faust's life. The way that he continues his days, implies to leave a nomadic lifestyle that the summer allowed him thanks to the festivals and camps, to pass to a more citadine and static life, which also implies many more possibilities of finding contacts in events.

The week begins with a move in the best couch-surfing style. The transfer is done with the help of a cargo bicycle, which by the way, is free and can be obtained for a couple of days. So Fausto moves all his belongings to what will be his home for the next month.

Once installed, Fausto organizes his agenda which includes important activities for him, such as Foodsaving and Dumpster-Diving.  It should be noted that Foodsaving would be the legal way to collect food from a store that cooperates with organizations that save food, while Dumpster-Diving involves entering through the back door to rummage through the garbage cans of uncooperative supermarkets that still throw their food in the trash.


Fausto, always on his bicycle full of saved food, seeks to distribute it in different projects. A very interesting project was to provide saved food to a group of film students who were producing a short film. The main idea was to take the food to a community kitchen and leave it for other volunteers to cook for a group of about forty filmmakers. In that mission, we had the opportunity to visit a Free-Shop, which is a place for the liberation and exchange of STUFF, which was in the same place as the community kitchen.

During the first week, there were two major events in the city, in which Faust was able to share and learn a lot about sustainability and alternatives to the system. These events were the KlimaCamp and the Streetlife Festival. For logistical reasons we could not be present at the 2 at the same time, so we visited the beginning of the KlimaCamp and then a little work at the Streetlife Festival. In both events, the aim is to attract more and more people to all the issues important for the development of a paradigm shift. Alternative mobility, alternative energies, food sovereignty as well as food waste and veganism were discussed. The events included organizations such as Amnesty, Green Peace, Sea Shepperd, Fossil Free, Foodsharing, Animals United, etc. These interventions are presented and developed in a Festival atmosphere, friendly and inclusive.

On the way to KlimaCamp

At the end of this busy week, we had the opportunity to get to know a project that gives an example of inclusive entertainment in the city called Play Me I'm Yours.  This project consists of offering public pianos to the inhabitants of the city, with the objective of reviving some places that have remained inert within the city, and inviting its inhabitants to share music, art and community, retaking these spaces. The event also offered different activities such as Concerts, Jam sessions, small plays (Musical), Yoga classes with musical background, and much improvisation. The spaces were available for 3 weeks.

Pic by Fausto

In a whole week there is so much to discover! we'll see what the second week brings us...

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